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Although most of us pass through torii and temple gates as visitors, there are a few for whom this passage is a return home!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
PRIEST vs. MONK   祭司、司祭 vs. 修道士、僧侶


  • A priest is someone who has the authority to perform religious ceremonies.

    A monk is someone who lives alone or in a religious community separate from general society in order to live a simple life of prayer and deep thought.
  • priest とは、宗教儀式を執り行う権威のある人、つまり、祭司や司祭のことです。

    monk は、祈りと瞑想の簡素な生活をするために、一人で、または一般の社会から離れた修道院などで暮らす人、つまり、修道士や僧侶のことです。



  1. We were married in a church by a Catholic priest.
  2. My uncle is the head priest at a shrine in Fukuoka.
  3. Tourists are often surprised to see Buddhist monks standing with their alms bowls in the middle of busy, modern Shinjuku.
  4. Did you know that Mr. Hampton trained as a monk at a monastery (= a place where monks live) in Thailand before becoming a math teacher?

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