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Whether its purpose is social change or simply comic relief, today's topic seldom fails to “make them laugh”!

Today's Lesson
CARTOON   連載漫画、風刺画、アニメ(映画、番組)


  • A cartoon is a comic strip or a humorous (= funny) drawing, especially in a newspaper or magazine.

    A cartoon is also a movie or - especially in the United States - a television program for children, made by filming a series of drawings, computer images, etc. instead of live actors.
  • cartoon とは、新聞や雑誌に載っているコマ割りの漫画や滑稽な絵のことです。

    cartoon は、実際の役者ではなく、絵やコンピュータ・グラフィックスなどを使って作成した映画や、(特にアメリカでは)子供向けのテレビ番組をさすこともあります。



  1. a: I used to love reading the cartoons on Sunday when I was a kid.
    b: Me too. There used to be a whole section of our local Sunday paper just for cartoons.
  2. In her political cartoons, which are highly critical of the government's foreign policy, she always draws the President with huge ears and a wide grin.
  3. a: What do your kids like to watch on TV?
    b: There are a couple of cartoons on Saturday morning that they usually watch ... and that new variety show on Channel 99 on Friday night.

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