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For Life
2007.05.23(Review of 2003.07.29 edition)

Hello! It's great to hear your voice again! We've got a good (phone) connection and lots of time, so let's settle in for a nice chat, shall we?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現
IS (Mary) THERE? / IS (Ms. Brown) IN?   ~さんはいらっしゃいますか。


  • When you make a phone call, you can say who you want to talk to by asking Is ... there? or, especially if you're calling an office, Is ... in?

    * See the 28 July 2003 WordMaster, “MAY I SPEAK TO ..., PLEASE?”.
  • 電話をかけて、誰と話したいかを伝えるとき、Is ... there? と言います。特に、会社に電話をかけている場合は、Is ... in? と言うこともできます。

    * 2003/7/28 の WordMaster “MAY I SPEAK TO ..., PLEASE?” 参照

IS (Mary) THERE? / IS (Ms. Brown) IN?


  1. (Billy's mother answers the phone)
    MOTHER: Hello?
    PAUL: Hello, this is Paul. Is Billy there?
    MOTHER: Yes, he is. Just a minute. I'll get him. (shouting into another room) Billy, Paul's on the phone!
  2. (Liz's husband, Frank, was visiting Harry at his home.)
    HARRY: Hello?
    LIZ: Hi, Harry. Is Frank still there?
    HARRY: No, he just left.
  3. MS. JOHNSON: Is Ms. Glass in?
    RECEPTIONIST: Who's calling, please?
    MS. JOHNSON: This is Margaret Johnson. I'm a client of hers.

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