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For Life
2007.05.21(Review of 2003.07.24 edition)

Hello! Guess who's on the line? That's right, it's the WordMaster! We just called to let you know that this week's series is a set of key expressions for talking on the phone. So stay on the line - and enjoy!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現CATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
THIS IS (Mary Brown).   (こちらは)~です。


  • When you are on the phone and want to identify yourself (= say who you are), you can say This is ..., followed by your name, company name, etc.

    Be Careful! To identify yourself on the phone, it's usually more natural to use the expression This is ... than “I am ...”.
  • 電話で自分が誰かを名乗るとき、This is ... に続けて自分の名前、会社名、などを言います。

    注意:電話で名乗るときには、I am ... ではなく This is ... の表現を使うのが普通です。

THIS IS (Mary Brown).


  1. (Paul answers the phone)
    PAUL: Hello?
    MASAKO: Hi, Paul. This is Masako.
    PAUL: Oh, hi! I'm glad you called!
  2. (after Ms. Honda answers the phone)
    Hello, Ms. Honda. This is the customer service department at Berlitz Bank.
    I'm calling about your account.
  3. CALLER: I'd like to speak to Charles Miller, please.
    CHARLES: This is he.

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