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For Life
2005.04.04(Review of 2001.02.21 edition)

We're honored to have you back with us!

We promised you another week of phone expressions, and the WordMaster always keeps a promise. Here's the first!

Today's Lesson
(電話に)出る /(来客の応対に)ドアに出る


  • To answer the phone is to respond to it (= pick it up, press a button, etc.) when it rings.

    To answer the door is to respond to it (= open it, pick up the intercom phone, etc.) when someone rings the doorbell or knocks.
  • answer the phone は、電話が鳴ったら、受話器を取ったり、ボタンを押したりして対応する、つまり電話に出るという意味です。

    answer the door は、玄関のベルが鳴ったり、誰かがドアをノックしたりしたときにドアを開けたり、インターホンに出るなどして対応する、という意味です。


  1. Can you answer the phone, honey? I'm still in the shower.
  2. I called you at home last night, but no one answered.
  3. I tell my children never to answer the door when they're home alone.

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