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2007.03.28(Review of 2002.04.26 edition)

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Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
PULL (OUT/INTO/OVER)   (車を)出す/入れる/寄せる


  • If a car or its driver pulls out, the car is driven onto a road from a driveway, a gas station, the side of the road, etc.

    If a car or its driver pulls into a driveway, gas station, etc., the car is driven from the road into the driveway, etc.

    If a car moving along a road or its driver pulls over, the car is driven to the side of the road and stopped.
  • 車の運転について pull out と言うと、私道、ガソリンスタンド、路肩などから、道路へ車を出す、という意味になります。

    同じく、 pull into と言うと、道路から、私道やガソリンスタンドなどへ車を入れる、という意味になります。

    また、 pull over と言うと、走行中の車を、路肩に寄せて停車する、という意味になります。


  1. (talking about her trip to Japan)
    The service at the gas stations in Tokyo was great. The attendants even stopped traffic for us so we could pull out safely.
  2. Crazy driver! Did you see that? He pulled out of the parking lot without even checking traffic!
  3. (to a guest who has just arrived at your home)
    You'd better not park on the street. Go ahead and pull into our driveway.
  4. (passenger to driver)
    Maybe you should pull over. There's an ambulance coming.
  5. (passenger to driver)
    Would you mind pulling the car over next to that mailbox? I want to mail this letter.

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