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2005.07.21(Review of 2001.05.21 edition)

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Today's Lesson
(GAS) STATION   ガソリンスタンド


  • A gas station is a place where people get fuel (gasoline) for their cars and sometimes have the oil changed, the tires checked, the windows washed, etc. When it's clear what we're talking about, we sometimes just use the word station.

    At a self-service station, customers put gas in their cars themselves. At a full-service station, a station employee puts gas in the car for customers.
  • gas station は、車にガソリンを入れる場所、つまりガソリンスタンドのことです。オイルを交換したり、タイヤを点検したり、窓をふいてもらったりすることもあります。ガソリンスタンドのことを言っているとはっきりしている場合は、単に station と言うこともあります。

    self-service station では、客は自分たちで車にガソリンを入れます。full-service station では、ガソリンスタンドの従業員が客のために車にガソリンを入れます。


  1. We'd better stop at the next gas station. We're almost out of gas.
  2. My son got a job as a gas station attendant (= employee) to help pay for college.
  3. I usually get gas at the station on the corner of 3rd and Broadway. It's less than a dollar a gallon there.
  4. In the U.S., most gas stations are self-service these days. Few people want to pay the higher prices at full-service stations.

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