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Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
PARKING LOT vs. PARKING GARAGE   屋外駐車場 vs. 屋内駐車場


  • A parking lot is an open area of land where a number of cars can be parked.

    A parking garage is a building or part of a building where a number of cars can be parked.
  • parking lot  は、屋外にある駐車場のことです。

    parking garage  は、屋内の駐車場のことです。ビルの中にある駐車場や、建物全体が駐車場になっているものをさします。


  1. a: Can I park my car on the street?
    b: No, but there's a parking lot behind the restaurant.
  2. Many American shopping malls have huge parking lots around them. Sometimes there's enough parking for thousands of cars.
  3. There's a shuttle bus that takes passengers from the airport parking lot to the terminal building.
  4. The parking garage on the basement floor of our new office building is very convenient.
  5. The rates at that parking garage are quite high - ¥500 for every 30 minutes.
  6. Downtown parking is available at the parking garage at the corner of 8th and Central Boulevard.

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