WHIP INTO SHAPEの意味、しっかりとまとめあげる

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2006.03.14(Review of 2004.05.21 edition)

Welcome back! When it's urgent that improvements be made, here's an expression that may be exactly what you need!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
WHIP INTO SHAPE   しっかりとまとめあげる


  • To whip into shape is to improve something or someone in order to make them satisfactory, often quickly and through hard work.
  • whip into shape とは、ものごとや人を十分な状態に向上させる、という意味です。迅速に、懸命に働いてする場合にこの表現をよく使います。


  1. HQ is giving the branch manager in Osaka six months to whip his office into shape. If things haven't improved by then, they say they're going to replace him.
  2. We'll have to work hard to whip this plant into shape before our next inspection.
  3. The new CEO has proposed an ambitious program of restructuring to whip the company into shape.

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