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2006.12.15(Review of 2000.09.19 edition)

Welcome to the last day of our Asian Games Special! It's been an extraordinary two weeks that we won't soon forget, and we're very glad you could enjoy it all with us!

So, here it is - the final WordMaster edition for the 2006 Asian Games!

Today's Lesson
WIN THE (GOLD) MEDAL   (金)メダルをとる


  • When someone comes in first in an Olympic event, we say that they win the gold medal. The person who comes in second wins the silver medal, and the person who comes in third wins the bronze medal.
  • オリンピックで1番になった場合、win the gold medal(金メダルをとる)と言います。2番目は win the silver medal(銀メダルをとる)、3番目は win the bronze medal(銅メダルをとる)と言います。


  1. How many medals did Japan win in the Asian Games?
  2. Japan has had an amazing record in the Olympic women's marathon! They won the silver medal in 1992, the bronze medal in 1996, and the gold medal in both the 2000 and 2004 Olympics.
  3. (a sportscaster during a race)
    ... and the runner from Team Berlitz comes in third to win the bronze medal!

英会話レッスンHave a lovely weekend!