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For Life
2006.10.16(Review of 2001.08.07 edition)

Welcome! We're so glad you could start the new week with us!

Now, although the week may be new, the theme is not. You see, we're such big sports fans that we just had to continue our “World of Sports” series for another week.

Go, team, go!

Today's Lesson
SCORE (n.)   得点


  • The score is the number of points each person or team has in a game, match, or other competition.

    A score is also a number that shows how well a person did on a test.
  • score は、ゲーム(遊び)や試合、競技などで個人やチームがとった点数、つまり、得点のことです。

    score は、試験の点数、という意味もあります。


  1. (during the game)
    a: What's the score?
    b: The Bears are winning 3 to 1.
  2. (after the game)
    a: What was the final score?
    b: The Bears lost 3 to 5.
  3. I always check the basketball scores in the paper. I like to know how my favorite teams are doing.
  4. Barry's score in the golf tournament was a new course record.
  5. It's incredible! Hitomi got over 23,000 points on that new computer game yesterday. No one can beat that score!
  6. Tommy got a score of 98 out of 100 on his final exam. It was the highest score in the class!
  7. (a school principal)
    Our students' average test scores in math have increased for five years in a row.

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