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For Life

The 2002 FIFA World Cup - just one more day before it all begins! We and the rest of the world will be watching.?

Events like this sure do make life fun!

Today's Lesson
TOURNAMENT / CHAMPIONSHIP      トーナメント/チャンピオンシップ


  • A tournament is a competition that has several levels. A player or team that wins at one level continues to the next until only one player or team, the winner, is left.

    A championship is a tournament (as in the "World Karate Championship"), or other competition, to see who is the best team or player in a sport, game, or other event. We call the final match in such a tournament the "championship match".
  • tournament は、勝ち抜き戦で最後に残った選手やチームが優勝するという競技方法です。

    championship は、最優秀のチームや選手を、トーナメントやその他の形式で決める競技会のことです。(例:世界空手選手権)そのような競技会で行われる決勝戦のことを championship match といいます。


  1. The All Japan High School Baseball Tournament is more commonly known as "Koshien".
  2. The golfer that wins this year's tournament will receive $250,000 in prize money.
  3. The State Hockey Championship was broadcast live on Channel 6.
  4. The top four teams in the South American Qualifying Tournament get to go to the World Championship.
  5. I can't believe it! I got tickets for the championship match of the World Cup tournament.

See you on the big day!