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TASTE (n.)   味


  • The taste of something is its flavor, which you become aware of when the thing is in contact with your tongue.

    Be Careful! If you like the flavor of something, do NOT say that it “is good taste”. Say that it “tastes good” or, if you like the flavor a lot, say that it “is delicious”.
  • taste とは、何かが舌に接触することで感じられる風味、つまり、味のことです。

    注意:何かの風味が好きな場合、It is good taste. とは言いません。It tastes good. と言うか、その風味がとても好きだというときには It is delicious. と言いましょう。


  1. I love the taste of fresh strawberries.
  2. In grade school science class, I was taught that humans can recognize four basic tastes: sweet, bitter, salty, and sour.
  3. (eating at a Thai restaurant)
    a: Isn't the soup delicious?
    b: Yes. It has a really unusual taste. What spices do you think they use?
  4. I miss the taste of my mother's homemade cooking.

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