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2005.12.06(Review of 2000.12.11 edition)

No, it's not New Year's yet, and it's not Christmas either. But for those of you who have begun writing Christmas or New Year's cards, this WordMaster is a must-read!

Take note!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉CATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
(新年)おめでとうございます! vs. メリー(クリスマス)!


  • In the common greetings for holidays and other special days, we usually use the word Happy, as in Happy New Year!, Happy Valentine's Day!, and Happy anniversary! But for Christmas, the common greeting in the United States is Merry Christmas!, NOT “Happy Christmas!”

    Be Careful! We do NOT say “< A > happy New Year!” as a greeting on its own. We do, however, use “a” before happy New Year in a few longer expressions, such as “Have a happy New Year!” or “Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!” So be careful when writing your New Year's cards this year!
  • 次にあげるように、祝日や特別な日の挨拶には Happy を使うのが一般的です。例えば、Happy New Year!(新年の挨拶)、Happy Valentine's Day!(バレンタインデー)、Happy anniversary!(結婚記念日)、などがあります。けれどもアメリカでは、クリスマスの挨拶は Happy Christmas! ではなく、Merry Christmas! と言います。

    注意: 挨拶として単独で使う場合には “A” happy New Year! という言い方はしません。けれども、もっと長いフレーズの中では a をつける場合があります。例えば、Have a happy New Year!Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! のように言うことがあります。来年の年賀状を書くときには気をつけてください!


  1. (message on a New Year's card)
    Happy New Year!
    I hope we can get together more
    often this year than last year.
    Good luck with your new job.
    Your friend,
  2. (saying hello during the Christmas season)
    a: Merry Christmas!
    b: Merry Christmas!
  3. (on their wedding anniversary)
    HUSBAND: Happy anniversary, honey!
    WIFE: Happy anniversary to you too, dear!
  4. ANDY'S FRIEND: Happy birthday, Andy!
    ANDY: Thanks. Who told you it was my birthday?

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