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2005.08.08(Review of 2002.03.06 edition)

Welcome back! It's great to see you!

This week will be a short one, as our Obon break begins on Thursday. We'll then return next Thursday to see how everyone spent their vacations. For the next few days, however, we've got some pleasant work ahead, especially for those who are fans of fashion!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉CATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
ワンピース、ドレス vs. 上下一続きの服


  • A dress is a piece of women's clothing that covers the top half of the body and hangs down over part or all of the lower half.

    The expression one-piece can be used to talk about any single piece of clothing that covers all or part of the top and bottom halves of the body, such as a one-piece swimsuit, some kids' clothes, or training suits for sports such as downhill skiing or speed skating.

    Be careful[1]! The English word dress is NOT used only to talk about long, formal dresses such as women wear at weddings. It also includes the more casual, often shorter clothing called ワンピース in Japanese.

    Be Careful[2]! On the other hand, the English expression one-piece is usually NOT used like the Japanese ワンピースto mean dress.
  • dress は、上の部分と下のスカートの部分がつながった女性の服のことです。

    one-piece は、上下が一続きになった服のことをいいます。例えば、ワンピースの水着、子供のつなぎ服、スキーのダウンヒルやスピードスケートの選手が着るようなスポーツウエアなどのことをさします。

    注意[1]:dress は、結婚式のときに着るようなフォーマルなロングドレスだけでなく、もっとカジュアルで短めの丈の服―日本語でいう「ワンピース」のように―をさすこともあります。

    注意[2]:したがって、日本語の「ワンピース」のことは普通 dress と言い、one-piece とは言いません。


  1. Angie looks terrific in a short black dress.
  2. My boss told me I have to wear a dress or skirt to work. Why should men be able to wear pants and not us women?
  3. The night of the prom (an annual formal dance party) is one of the few times high school girls in the United States have a chance to wear long dresses.
  4. For some women, wearing a white wedding dress has been a dream since childhood.
  5. I've never worn a bikini and never will. I prefer one-piece swimsuits.
  6. Isn't this a darling one-piece? My two-year-old got it from his aunt on his birthday.
  7. Most serious cross-country skiers wear skin-tight one-piece suits when they compete.

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