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2005.08.02(Review of 2001.04.23 edition)

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SPELL vs. SPELLING   つづる vs. つづり


  • To spell a word is to write or say, in the correct order, the letters that make up the word.

    The spelling of a word is the set of letters, in the correct order, that make up the word.

    Be careful! We do NOT use the word “spell” like the Japanese スペル as a noun to mean spelling.
  • spell は、単語の文字を決められた順に書いたり、言ったりすること、つまり単語をつづるという意味です。

    spelling は、単語の文字の正しい配列、順序のこと、つまりつづりのことです。

    注意:spell には、日本語の「スペル」のような、名詞の「つづり」の意味はありません。


  1. a: How do you spell “rhinoceros”?
    b: R-H-I-N-O-C-E-R-O-S.
  2. I can't spell very well, so I often have to look up words in the dictionary when I write.
  3. a: Is this spelling correct?
    b: No, “committee” is spelled with two T's, not one.
  4. (a teacher to a student)
    There are over a dozen spelling mistakes in this paper. Be more careful next time.

英会話レッスンHow do you spell fun? ... W-O-R-D-M-A-S-T-E-R-!