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For Life

Black and white, man and woman, yin and yang - it's the two complimentary halves that make the whole just right. Yesterday was all sunlight and warmth, so today let's look at the darker, cooler half!

Today's Lesson
SHADE   陰、日陰


  • Shade is an area that is darker and cooler than the surrounding area because it is not in direct sunlight.
  • shade は、直射日光が当たらないためにほかの場所よりも暗く、気温が低い場所をいいます。


  1. Let's get out of the sun. It'll be cooler in the shade.
  2. Do you mind if we sit in the shade?
  3. Why don't you park the car in the shade so it's not so hot when we get back?
  4. The sun was very hot, and there was no shade anywhere.
  5. They ate their picnic lunch under the shade of a tree.

英会話レッスンNow wasn't that a comfortable place to be?