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Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
DAYLIGHT vs. SUNLIGHT   日中の明るさ vs. 日光


  • Daylight is the light the sun provides us with between sunrise and sunset. This word is used to talk about the natural light all around us during the day.

    Sunlight is light from the sun. This word is normally used to talk about direct light.

    * Also see the 9 July, 2002 WordMaster "SUN".
  • daylight は、日の出と日の入りの間(日中)の明るさのことです。日中にさす太陽の自然光のことを言うときに使われます。

    sunlight も太陽の光のことですが、普通、直射日光のことをさします。

    * 2002年7月9日のWordMaster "SUN" 参照


  1. Now that there's more daylight each day, I feel happier and more positive.
  2. We only have about an hour of daylight left. Why don't we go to the park now, then come home and see a video when it gets dark?
  3. Because there's so little daylight in Alaska in winter, people use sunlamps to stay mentally healthy.
  4. They only let us use the soccer field at school during daylight hours.
  5. My favorite time of the day is the morning, when the sunlight shines through my bedroom window.
  6. The sunlight on the lake is lovely, isn't it? It's like a thousand diamonds floating upon the surface.
  7. They built a seven-story office building across from my apartment that blocks the sunlight in the afternoon.

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