THANKS FOR YOURの意味、お時間を割いていただきありがとうございました。

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Hello again!

Today's expression? Well, it's the way we always feel when you allow us to be a part of your day!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現


  • Thanks for your time. is a polite way to thank someone for making time to speak with you. If they have helped you in some way, you can also say Thanks for your help.

    Be Careful! To make these expressions sound more formal, use Thank you instead of Thanks.
  • Thanks for your time. は、自分と話すための時間を割いてくれたことに感謝する丁寧な言い方です。人に何らかの形で手伝ってもらったときには、Thanks for your help. と言うことができます。

    注意:さらに改まった言い方にするには、Thanks の代わりに Thank you を使います。



  1. (co-workers)
    a: Thanks for your time.
    b: Sure. I'm glad I could help.
  2. (office intern to company director)
    a: Thank you for your time, Mr. Bentley.
    b: You're very welcome. Come see me anytime.
  3. (to the building maintenance person)
    a: Thanks for your help.
    b: No problem. Let me know if the air-conditioner gives you any more trouble.
  4. (the end of an e-mail)
    ... I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I'd be grateful if you could send me the information as soon as possible. Thank you for your help. Eriko

英会話レッスンAnd thank you for YOUR time! Have a terrific weekend!