CUT YOUR LOSSESの意味、これ以上損をしないうちに手を引く

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2011.07.14  (Review of 2007.10.04 edition)

If you know you're in a losing game, often the best thing to do is stop before you take too much of a hit!

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CUT YOUR LOSSES   これ以上損をしないうちに手を引く


  • To cut your losses is to stop wasting time, money, effort, etc., on something that is going poorly, especially when there is little or no hope that the situation will improve.
  • cut your losses とは、特に、状況が良くなる見込みがほとんどない、あるいは全くない場合に、うまくいってないことに時間やお金、労力などを浪費するのをやめる、つまり、これ以上損をしないうちに手を引く、という意味です。



  1. The price of the stock is dropping fast. If I were you, I'd sell now and cut my losses.
  2. After operating in the red for years, the city government finally decided to cut their losses and shut down the 80-year-old downtown tram.
  3. (advice from a friend)
    How long have you been working at that dead-end job? Don't you think it's time to cut your losses and find something else?

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