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Here's a word whose relatives include such noble terms as “union”, “united”, and “universe”!

Today's Lesson
UNIT   1個、設備一式


  • A unit is a single (= one) thing, group, etc., that has a particular purpose and is part of something larger.

    A unit is also a single item of a product.
  • unit とは、特定の目的を有する、何か大きいものの一部であるもの、つまり、1個、一式などのことです。

    unit は、製品の単品、という意味もあります。



  1. I live in one of those small apartment buildings with just four units.
  2. (call to maintenance)
    There's something wrong with the heating unit in our office. It's like a refrigerator in here.
  3. The regular unit price is $45. But if you order 200 < units > or more, I can sell them to you for $40 per unit.

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