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2011.01.24(Review of 2007.02.26 edition)

Hello! It's good to be back!

“What do you do for a living?” Now there's a question that never goes out of style. And since you'll likely have to provide an answer at least several hundred more times in your lifetime, you might do well to polish up your usual response. This week's editions should be a big help!

Today's Lesson
JOB TITLE   肩書き、職名


  • A job title is a word or phrase that describes someone's job or rank in an organization.
  • job title とは、ある人の仕事(職務)や組織内の地位を表す語句のことです。



  1. a: What's her job title ?
    b: She's the Vice-President of Product Management.
  2. Although my job title has changed, I'm basically doing the same work I've always done.
  3. His job title sounds impressive, but apparently it's just a sinecure.
  4. (opening a box of new business cards from the printers)
    Oh, you're kidding! They left the job title off my business card!

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