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2008.03.17(Review of 2006.10.10 edition)

Hello! We hope you're having a lovely Monday back at the office and were greeted with smiles and affection by your co-workers.

Greetings and first meetings will be the WordMaster's main concern this week, which seems appropriate, seeing as we'll be greeting the spring in just a few days. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson


  • A business card is a small printed card that contains information about someone, such as their name, job title, the name of their business or organization, and contact information.
  • business card とは、ある人に関する情報、例えば、名前や肩書き、所属する企業や団体の名前、連絡先などが印刷された小さな紙、つまり、名刺のことです。



  1. (meeting a new client)
    How do you do? I'm Akira Watanabe. Here's my business card.
  2. We've moved our offices to a more central location downtown. Here, let me give you my business card with our new address on it.
  3. (to an assistant)
    Do you have the phone number for Robert Moore? I seem to have misplaced his business card.

英会話レッスンNever underestimate the importance of that first impression, and remember to come back tomorrow for more English to help make that impression a stunning one!