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2007.11.02(Review of 2003.09.30 edition)

Welcome back!

No corporate culture - and no weeklong series on the subject - would be complete without a set of rules to keep things running smoothly. So here's one more edition to close out the week with!

Today's Lesson
(DRESS) CODE   (服装)規定


  • A code is a set of rules regarding how people should behave. For example:

    A dress code is a set of rules regarding what people can and can't wear (e.g., at the office).

    A code of conduct for an organization is the set of rules that all members/employees are expected to follow.

    A code of ethics is a set of rules regarding what is considered ethical (= morally correct) behavior.
  • code は、人々がどのように振る舞うべきかに関して、いくつかの規則を集めたもの、という意味です。例としては、次のようなものがあります。

    dress code は、(例えば、職場で)着てもよい服、着てはいけない服に関する規則、つまり、服装規定のことです。

    code of conduct は、組織のすべての構成員、または従業員が守るべき規則、つまり、行動規範のことです。

    code of ethics は、道徳的と見なされる行為に関する規則、つまり、倫理規定のことです。



  1. a: The dress code is pretty relaxed at my company. We only have to wear a suit if we're meeting a client.
    b: You're lucky. We have a very strict dress code in my office.
  2. (training a group of new employees)
    You each should have received a copy of the company's code of conduct. I'd like to spend a few minutes going over that with you now.
  3. (chairman of a professional society)
    Due to the recent scandals, we think it may be wise to draft a professional code of ethics for the entire industry.

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