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2011.01.06(Review of 2007.10.31 edition)

Hello and thanks for joining us again! Having you here reminds us of something we recently overhead the WordMaster confide to a few of his closest friends: “I'm always touched by the support and confidence of our readers. It makes me want to become a better man.” Yes, our better instincts always move us in the direction of self-improvement!

Today's Lesson


  • The standards of a person or group are the values and moral rules that guide their behavior.
  • standards とは、個人や集団の行動の指針となる価値観や道徳的規則、つまり、規範のことです。



  1. Our standards of behavior have to be high because, in this business, reputation is everything.
  2. Karen was a woman of honesty, integrity, and the highest standards. It was a great loss when she left the company.
  3. (new company president during a speech)
    I'll do my best to live up to (= equal) the standards of my predecessor.
  4. Section 3 of the Employee Handbook describes the ethical standards all employees are expected to follow.

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