SHUT DOWNの意味、電源が切れる、電源を切る

@Work 2010.10.20
Hello again! Here's the flip side of yesterday's edition. Now, in a world already chock-a-block with unnecessary jargon, you have to ask yourself, why can't computers simply be “turned on” and “turned off”?!
Today's Lesson
SHUT DOWN (a computer)   (コンピュータの)電源が切れる、電源を切る
When talking about computers:

To shut down is to close all applications and turn off, or to cause a computer to do this.

shut down とは、全てのアプリケーションが閉じて電源が切れる、または、電源を切る、という意味です。
SHUT DOWN (a computer)
1 Should I shut down my computer when I leave the office or keep it on?
2 The computer can be programmed to shut down after a set time.
3 (on the phone)
a:  Tech help. Can I help you?
b:  Yes. I was doing some data input when my computer just shut down suddenly. And now I can't boot it back up.
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