@Work 2010.10.19
You may find it interesting to learn that today's expression comes from the word “bootstrap”. We'd explain why, but it's a long story!
Today's Lesson
(RE)BOOT   (再)起動する、(再)起動させる
When talking about computers:

To boot or boot up is to start, or cause a computer to start, so that it's ready to use.

To reboot is to turn off and then start again immediately, or to cause a computer to do this.

boot または boot up とは、利用可能な状態になるように起動する、または、起動させる、という意味です。

reboot とは、電源が切れてすぐに再起動する、または、電源を切ってすぐに再起動させる、という意味です。
1 This computer takes so long to boot!
2 (on the phone)
a:  Do you have the e-mail address for their legal affairs office?
b:  I think so. Let me call you back after I boot up my computer.
3 You'll have to reboot the computer after you install the application.
4 The problem usually goes away after the computer reboots.
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