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We'll end this week on business travel by throwing open the curtains on an amenity that can turn even the drabbest of hotel rooms into something special!

Today's Lesson
VIEW   眺め、景色


  • The view from a hotel room, window, or other place is what can be seen from there.

    The expression “a room with a view” is used to mean a room with an attractive view; for example, of the sea, mountains, or a lovely part of a city.
  • view とは、ホテルの部屋や窓、その他の場所から見られるもの、つまり、眺めのことです。

    a room with a view は、例えば、海や山、または街の美しい一角などの、魅力的な景色が望める部屋、という意味で使われます。



  1. The conference center has a view of Mt. Fuji.
  2. The view from the top of the tower was incredible!
  3. a: How was your room?
    b: It was comfortable, and we had a great view.
  4. (driving along a mountain highway)
    Why don't we stop and enjoy the view for a while?
  5. We have a beautiful view of the city from our office.
  6. She's always dreamed of living in a condo with an ocean view when she retires.
  7. (booking a hotel room)
    I'd like to reserve a double room for August 8th, please. And would it be possible to get a room with a view?

英会話レッスンIt's been a great trip this week. We hope to be on the road with you again real soon!