(TRAIN) CARの意味、(列車の)車両

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Hello, and welcome to the Wednesday WordMaster!

Have you ever wished that you could travel by car without leaving a giant-sized carbon footprint AND get some work done along the way as well? Well, here's how!

Today's Lesson
(TRAIN) CAR   (列車の)車両


  • A train car is one of the separate sections of a train that are linked together.
  • train car とは、連結されて列車を構成する別々の部分、つまり、車両のことです。



  1. I'll meet you on the first train car.
  2. (employee to passenger at train station lost-and-found)
    Do you remember what car you left the bag on?
  3. I got delayed at the railroad crossing by a very long freight train. It must have had a hundred cars!
  4. The sleeping car is this way, just past the dining car.

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