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2010.02.24(Review of 2007.07.19 edition)

Hello again! We've brought a crateful of valuable goods with your name on it. Just sign this customs release form and it's all yours!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
FREIGHT vs. CARGO   貨物、貨物運賃 vs. 貨物


  • Freight and cargo are goods carried by air, sea, or land transportation.

    Be Careful! It's more common to call a ship or a plane that carries goods rather than passengers a “cargo ship” or a “cargo plane”, but a train of this kind is usually called a “freight train”.

    Freight is also the money you pay for having goods carried by air, sea, or land transportation.
  • freightcargo は、航空便、船便、陸上輸送などで運搬される品物のことです。

    注意: 乗客ではなく貨物を運ぶ船舶や航空機は、cargo ship (貨物船)や cargo plane (貨物輸送機)と呼ぶのが普通ですが、列車の場合は、たいてい freight train (貨物列車)と呼ばれます。

    また、freight は、航空便や船便、陸上輸送などで、貨物を運搬してもらうために支払う料金、つまり、貨物運賃をさすこともあります。



  1. All trucks and their freight are subject to customs inspection at the border.
  2. We were stuck at a railroad crossing for about ten minutes waiting for a very long and slow freight train to pass.
  3. The ship was carrying cargo valued at over $23 million.
  4. We have a fleet of seven oil tankers and eighty-five dry cargo ships.
  5. That price, of course, does not include freight.
  6. We're buying more from local growers these days to save on freight charges.

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