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2010.03.18 (Review of 2007.09.12 edition)

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Today's Lesson
AS OF   ~現在で、~以降は


  • As of means “AT a particular time (= hour, day, year, etc.)”.

    It also means “STARTING AT a particular time”.
  • as of とは、特定の時点(時間、日、年など)において、という意味です。

    また、as of には、特定の時点から、という意味もあります。



  1. As of last week, the online bookstore's Web site was getting 300,000 hits a day.
  2. (fictional press release)
    The first Berlitz Beans drive-through coffee shop, which has been up and running as of January, served its one-millionth customer yesterday.
  3. (public notice in a newspaper)
    As of tomorrow, all provincial ferries will begin operating on the fall/winter sailing schedule.
  4. As of Monday, September 17th, the south elevator will be out of order until further notice.

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