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2010.02.18 (Review of 2006.09.26 edition)

Welcome to the Thursday session of the Berlitz WordMaster@Work Conference on Business English Development! We've lined up a powerful speaker for you today, so it's no surprise that we're looking out over a packed hall. For those of you in need of simultaneous translation, please see the URL immediately below today's explanation.

Now enjoy this special @Work presentation!

Today's Lesson


  • An itinerary is a schedule for a trip, which includes items such as places to be visited, arrival and departure times, and hotel names.
  • itinerary とは、訪れる場所、到着と出発の時刻、ホテル名などの項目を含む旅行の日程表、つまり、旅程のことです。



  1. (travel agent to businessman)
    I'll fax you a copy of your itinerary for the conference in a few hours. It includes all the details regarding flight arrangements, ground transportation, and accommodations.
  2. This is the guidebook we used to plan our itinerary for the trip. It has recommended three-day itineraries for each country in Western Europe.
  3. According to my travel itinerary, the flight arrives in Bangalore early in the morning.
  4. We weren't able to visit all the places we had included in our itinerary.

英会話レッスンAnd that ends today's session. We hope you found it edifying!