CAPITAL GAINの意味、キャピタルゲイン、資産売却益

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Today's Lesson
CAPITAL GAIN   キャピタルゲイン/資産売却益


  • A capital gain is the profit from selling an asset such as stock or a house.
  • capital gain とは、株式や家などの資産を売却して得る利益、つまり、キャピタルゲインのことです。



  1. If you buy 100 shares of stock at $50 a share and sell them at $60 a share, you realize (= get or earn) a capital gain of $10 a share, or $1000 in total.
  2. I'm a day trader, so most of my income is in the form of capital gains and dividends.
  3. The government's been talking about lowering the capital gains tax in order to stimulate the economy.

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