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LET DOWN (= disappoint)   失望させる、がっかりさせる


  • To let someone down is to disappoint them by not doing what you promised or were expected to do.
  • let someone down は、約束したことや期待されていたことをしないで、その人を失望させる、がっかりさせる、という意味です。

LET DOWN (= disappoint)


  1. (supervisor to employee)
    a: I'm counting on you to keep things under control at the office while I'm away.
    b: Don't worry. I won't let you down.
  2. I'm sorry to let you down, but I won't be able to give you a ride to work any longer.
  3. I'm putting your team in charge of the Haverford account. I know you won't let me down.
  4. (leaving the office at 5 p.m., much earlier than usual)
    It's my daughter's birthday today. I promised her I'd be home before dinner, and I can't let her down.

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