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The humble board has dozens of uses. Here are four that are especially common in the workplace!

Today's Lesson


  • A board is a flat, rectangular piece of wood, hard plastic, etc., used for a particular purpose; for example:
    A whiteboard is a board with a (usually) white, shiny surface that you write on with special markers that can be erased.
    A blackboard is a dark board that you write on with chalk.
    A bulletin board is a board you put on the wall and put notices, memos, flyers, posters, etc., on.
    A clipboard is a small, thin board with a clip at the top for holding paper, giving you a hard surface for writing on away from a desk or table (for example, while standing).
  • board とは、特定の目的に使われる、木や、硬いプラスチックなどでできた平らな長方形の板のことです。例えば次のようなものがあります。
    whiteboard は、表面が(通常)白く、つやがあって、その上に、消すことができる特別なマーカーを使って書く板、つまり、ホワイトボードのことです。
    blackboard は、チョークを使って書く黒っぽい板、つまり、黒板のことです。
    bulletin board は、壁に掛けて、掲示、メモ、チラシ、ポスターなどを貼る板、つまり、掲示板のことです。
    clipboard は、紙を押さえるクリップが上部についている小さくて薄い板で、表面が硬いので、机やテーブルから離れても(例えば、立ちながら)書くことができるもの、つまり、クリップボードのことです。



  1. Before I start a meeting, I like to put an outline of the points to be covered on the board.
  2. Please remember to clean the whiteboard after you use the conference room.
  3. The instructor spent most of the class writing on the blackboard. It would have been better if he had just prepared some handouts.
  4. A couple of new job notices have been posted up on the bulletin board in the Career & Employment Office. You may want to take a look.
  5. I was a little worried at first because the inspector kept writing things on his clipboard, but we passed the inspection with flying colors.

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