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2008.01.16(Review of 2005.08.09 edition)

No, today's edition is NOT about airline pilots, hang gliders, or our feathered friends!

Today's Lesson
FLYER   チラシ


  • A flyer is a printed advertisement on a single sheet of paper, such as those you find in your mailbox or are handed on the street.
  • flyer は、郵便受けに入っているものや、街頭で渡されるもののような、1枚の紙に印刷された広告、つまり、チラシのことです。



  1. I find a flyer from this same pizza shop in my mailbox about every other day.
  2. (during a planning meeting)
    Why don't we hire a couple of temps to hand out flyers in front of the store?
  3. Hey, look at the cool promotional flyer they've made for the concert!
  4. (a sign in the subway)
    Distribution of flyers on Metro property is strictly prohibited.

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