(labor) PRACTICESの意味、(労働)慣行、慣習

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Whether it's best practice or malpractice, every company has its own ways of doing things.

Today's Lesson
(labor) PRACTICES   (労働)慣行、慣習


  • A practice is the usual way of doing something at a particular company, in a particular field or country, etc.
  • practice とは、特定の会社、分野、国などにおいて、日常行われる方法、つまり、慣行、慣習のことです。



  1. It's common practice these days for companies to outsource work such as data entry and call-center operations.
  2. a: Did they really do a security check on you before they hired you?
    b: Sure. Apparently it's just standard practice for a job like mine.
  3. Books about Japanese business practices were all the rage (= very popular) in the 1980s.
  4. There's been a great deal of controversy over the company's labor practices at its overseas facilities.
  5. An industry-wide conference is being held to exchange information regarding best practices for sustainable tourism.

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