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2009.02.09(Review of 2006.03.27 edition)


This week's series would feel right at home on Madison Avenue. But these are expressions everyone needs to know, not just the marketing staff! And if you doubt that now, we think you'll be sold by the end of the week!

Today's Lesson
(advertising) COPY   (広告)コピー


  • Copy is text to be used in an advertisement, read on TV or radio, or printed in a book, article, or other document.
  • copy とは、宣伝に使われたり、テレビやラジオで読まれたり、本、記事、その他の文書に印刷されたりする文章のことです。

(advertising) COPY


  1. The overall design of the Web site is impressive, and the photographs you've selected are perfect. But the copy needs some work.
  2. It's hard to find someone who can write good copy for technical publications.
  3. I think you've made a mistake here. The copy doesn't seem to match the illustration.
  4. a: I write advertising copy for radio and TV.
    b: Oh, so you're a copy writer!

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... Hmm, nice copy!