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For Life
2009.10.15 (Review of 2002.05.22 edition)

Waste no time before using today's edition - and don't expect anyone else to do it for you!  :)

Today's Lesson
(BY) YOURSELF   独力で、ひとりで


  • To do something yourself or by yourself is to do it without anyone's help.

    By yourself can also mean “alone.”
  • do something yourself または do something by yourself は、誰にも手伝ってもらわないで何かをする、という意味です。

    by yourself には、誰かと一緒ではなくひとりきりで、という意味もあります。



  1. (mother to teenage son)
    You'll have to make breakfast yourself today. I'm late.
  2. My father and I built this house ourselves. It took us two years to finish.
  3. At a do-it-yourself store, you can buy wood, hardware, and craft supplies.
  4. Patti's little boy can already read by himself, and he's only two years old.
  5. Don't try to move any of the heavy furniture by yourself. You'll hurt your back.
  6. (talking about her 14-year-old daughter)
    She's never taken a trip by herself before, so we're a little nervous.
  7. I've gone out with friends four nights in a row now, so I think I'll just spend some time by myself tonight.

英会話レッスンNow how about trying to make a few examples by yourself?