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For Life

Yesterday we looked at money coming “in”. Here's the name we give to money going “out”!

Today's Lesson
EXPENSE   出費、費用


  • An expense is the amount of money you spend on something, or it is something you spend money on.
  • expense とは、何かに対して支払った金額、あるいは、お金をかけるもののことです。


  1. We need to be more careful about how we spend our money. We've had a lot of extra expenses this year.
  2. Now that I'm older, my medical expenses have gotten higher.
  3. Getting rid of our car has really helped us to cut down on (= reduce) our expenses.
  4. He won first prize in a lottery - a trip for two to Fiji, all expenses paid.
  5. A university education is a big expense, but it's worth every penny.

英会話レッスンStay tuned tomorrow for another all-expenses-paid journey through the magical kingdom of the English language!