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For Life

Traditionally, these have been grown to make the wearer seem more impressive and worthy of respect. For example, the length and fullness of a military man's used to be an indication of rank nearly as reliable as the stripes on his shoulders. Well, perhaps the wearer of the world's longest - over 4 meters - is trying to set himself up as emperor of the universe?

Today's Lesson


  • A mustache is hair that a man grows above his upper lip, especially when the rest of his face is clean-shaven.
  • mustache とは、特に顔のほかの部分がきれいに剃られている状態で、男性が上唇の上に生やすひげ、つまり、口ひげのことです。



  1. When my grandfather was a young man, he had one of those long, thin mustaches like old-time movie stars.
  2. a: Tommy's starting to get a mustache, isn't he?
    b: Yes. He's not a little boy anymore.
  3. Did you see a tall, middle-aged man with a mustache come by here?
  4. (laughing)
    You've got a milk mustache (= milk sticking to the upper lip so that it looks like a mustache). Here, use my handkerchief to wipe it off.

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