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For Life
2005.09.20(Review of 2002.10.07 edition)

Hello, and welcome to what's going to be a very short but interesting week here at Berlitz WordMaster!

Autumn is about to begin, and we've just celebrated a holiday to honor those in the autumn of life. It seems a fine time to introduce a few expressions for talking about those among us who are older and wiser!

Today's Lesson


  • Middle age is the period of life from roughly age 40 to your late 50s. It is a time when a person is neither young nor old.

    A person in middle age is middle-aged.
  • middle age は、およそ40代から50代後半あたりの年代をさします。若くもなく、年寄りでもない年代、つまり中年です。

    middle-aged は、中年の という意味です。


  1. By the time my parents reached middle age, they had four children, a large house, and a very comfortable lifestyle.
  2. People used to gain weight and slow down during middle age, but more and more middle-aged men and women stay active and fit these days.
  3. a: What is your homestay family like?
    b: The parents are a sweet middle-aged couple, both with good jobs. And they have three nice kids - one in high school and the other two in junior high.

英会話レッスンSee you tomorrow!