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For Life
2009.05.26(Review of 2004.04.08 edition)

A valuable employee is one you can count on!

Today's Lesson
RELIABLE   頼りになる、信頼できる、確実な


  • SomeONE is reliable if you can be sure they'll do what they say or do something well.

    SomeTHING is reliable if you can be sure it'll do what it's supposed to do.
  • 人について reliable と言うと、確実に自分の言ったことを実行したり、物事をうまくやってくれたりする、つまり、頼りになる、という意味です。

    物事について reliable と言うと、ちゃんと役割を果たす、つまり、当てにできる、という意味です。



  1. (job advertisement)
    Wanted: a hard-working, reliable person to manage a busy restaurant in the Gion district.
  2. Motoko is the most reliable person on my staff. That's why I'm asking her to fill in for me while I'm gone.
  3. This watch isn't very reliable. It's usually a little slow.
  4. The Berlitz Bug was voted the most reliable car for 2010.

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