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2009.03.02(Review of 2004.03.29 edition)

Aloha, and welcome back to Berlitz WordMaster for the first week of March! At this time of the year, as the sun becomes willing to grace us with her company a little longer each day, the future always seems especially bright. And that's doubly true this week because we have a terrific set of editions for you - all about the ways we measure the days!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
置時計、壁掛け時計 vs. 腕時計、懐中時計


  • Clocks and watches are mechanical or electronic instruments used to show the time. A watch is worn on a person's body (for example, on their wrist), but a clock is hung on a wall, put on a desk, etc.
  • clockwatch は、時刻を示すために使われる、ぜんまいなどの仕掛けや電気によって動く道具、つまり、時計のことです。watch は人の身体(手首など)につけますが、clock は壁にかけられたり、机の上に置かれたりします。



  1. a: What's the name of that tower in London with the big clock?
    b: Oh, you mean Big Ben.
  2. I usually set the alarm clock for 6:30.
  3. My uncle Jack collects clocks. He's got all kinds of wall clocks, grandfather clocks, and even an antique cuckoo clock from Switzerland.
  4. I guess he was in a hurry to leave, because he kept looking at his watch.
  5. (to a friend)
    I think I left my watch at your place yesterday. Have you seen it?
  6. I can't believe it's still only 3:15. No, wait. I think my watch stopped!

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