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2009.05.11(Review of 2000.12.06 edition)

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Today's Lesson
SUGGEST / RECOMMEND   提案する/勧める、推薦する


  • To suggest something is to give someone an idea to consider.

    To recommend someTHING is to suggest it in a way that shows you think it's good, useful, or should be done. To recommend someONE is to say that you think they would be good or right for a particular job, award, etc.
  • suggest は、誰かに検討すべきアイディアを出す、つまり、提案する、という意味です。

    物事について recommend と言う場合、その事が良い、役に立つ、または、なされるべきだと示す、つまり、提案する、という意味になります。 人について recommend と言う場合、その人がある仕事や賞などに適しているということ、つまり、勧める、推薦する、という意味です。



  1. Everyone was looking tired, so I suggested a short break.
  2. a: Have you come up with a name for the store yet?
    b: My partner suggested calling it Berlitz Knits.
  3. The school counselor suggested that I take Honors Biology next year.
  4. (waiter to customer)
    a: Are you ready to order?
    b: What do you recommend?
    a: Our specialty is Peking duck.
  5. Can you recommend a good book to read on the plane?*
  6. a: What did your parents say when you told them you and Jimmy were getting married?
    b: They were happy for us, but they recommended waiting until we both graduate from college.
  7. I strongly recommend you take the job. It's a great opportunity for you.**
  8. I'm going to recommend Ted for the Employee of the Month award.
  9. * We do NOT say, “Can you recommend ME a good book ...?”
  10. ** We do NOT say, “I strongly recommend you TO take the job.”

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