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Happy Friday! We hope you've been enjoying the week so far and have big plans for the weekend.

We'll leave you this week with an expression that could be very hard to forget!

Today's Lesson
HOW COULD I FORGET?   忘れられるはずがない。


  • The expression How could I forget? can be used to mean “Of course, I remember(ed).”
  • How could I forget? は、「もちろん、覚えている(いた)」と言うときに使える表現です。



  1. a: Do you still remember our school song?
    b: How could I forget? We must have sung it a hundred times.
  2. a: Isn't that the dress you wore on our first date?
    b: Wow, I'm surprised you remember!
    a: How could I forget our first date?
  3. (wife to husband)
    a: Don't forget to call your mother today. It's her birthday, you know.
    b: I already called her. How could I forget my mother's birthday?

英会話レッスンNow here's your mantra for the weekend: Live, laugh, and love!