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IN A HURRY / HURRY   急いで / 急ぐ

When you are in a hurry, you feel an urgent need to get something done quickly.

To hurry is to move or do something else quickly because you are in a hurry.

(Be careful: You can be in a hurry even when you're not moving. For example, if you are standing in line to buy a ticket for a train that is about to leave, you can say, "I'm in a hurry." However, you can NOT say, "I'm hurrying," because you aren't DOING anything quickly; you're just waiting.)

in a hurryは、気持ちがせいているという意味です。


注意: 動作を伴わないで、気持ちだけがせいている場合があります。例えば、もう出発しそうになっている電車の切符を買おうとして、列に並んでいるときなどです。この場合、I'm in a hurry.と言うことはできますが、I'm hurrying.とは言えません。何かを急いでおこなっているわけではなく、ただ待っているだけだからです。

1.(a customer to the waitress)
 Would you please bring me my soup and salad right away? I'm in a hurry.
2.a: Come on! Let's go!
b:Why are you in such a hurry? The movie doesn't start until 7:00.
3.When you do something in a hurry, you will surely make mistakes.
4.Boarding passengers often don't wait for others to get off the train, because they're in a hurry to get a seat.
5:I don't like to hurry to work in the morning, so I wake up early.
6.a: You shouldn't eat so fast. It's not good for you.
b:I have to hurry, or I'll be late for my meeting.
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