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2008.12.22(Review of 2005.12.26 edition)

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Our theme this week (today, Wednesday, and Friday) is the business world's hectic countdown to the New Year!


  • The calendar year is the period from January 1st to December 31st of the same year.

    The fiscal year is the twelve-month period that a company uses to budget its money, at the end of which the company closes its accounts.
  • calendar year とは、1月1日から同じ年の12月31日までの期間のことです。

    fiscal year は、企業の資金計画に用いる12ヵ月の期間のことをさし、この期間の最後に企業は決算を行います。



  1. (on an invitation)
    Help us celebrate the start of a new calendar year by joining us at the office New Year's Eve party!
  2. To win the Grand Slam in tennis, a player must win the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and U.S. Open tennis tournaments in the same calendar year.
  3. The fiscal year in Japan begins on April 1st. So fiscal year 2009 [also written “FY 2009”] will begin on 1 April 2009 and end on 31 March 2010.
  4. (company policy)
    All full-time employees start earning vacation leave from their first day on the job. Unused vacation days can be carried over to the next fiscal year.
  5. (Investor Relations literature)
    Net sales in fiscal 2007 (= fiscal year 2007) were $870 million, up 17% from the previous year.

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