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There are several words that end in “-aholic” or “-oholic”; for example, “alcoholic” (someone who finds it difficult to stop drinking alcohol) and “shopaholic” (a person who finds it difficult to stop shopping). There's even a word for someone who can't control their appetite for chocolate - you guessed it: “chocoholic!” Let's look at one more word of this kind, and see if you recognize any symptoms of this malady in yourself.

Today's Lesson


  • A workaholic is someone with such a strong need to work that they're often uncomfortable when NOT working.
  • workaholic とは、働いていないと居心地が悪く感じるほど、仕事に対する欲求が強い人をさします。



  1. James used to be a workaholic who spent little time with his children, but lately he's gotten much better at balancing work and play.
  2. (Jean has dropped by Eve's home on a Saturday)
    JEAN: Where is everyone?
    EVE: The kids are at the park playing, and my workaholic husband is at the office again.
  3. (in the hospital)
    I never thought of myself as a workaholic until this happened. Maybe this is really a blessing in disguise.

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