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They can be big, mid-size, or one-man operations; headquartered in gleaming skyscrapers or in the garage out back; highly diversified or intensely specialized. But all businesses share at least one very important thing - they're built on dreams and hope and on the promise of incandescent success!

Let's look this week at some other characteristics many businesses - and the people who work there - share!

Today's Lesson


  • To be conservative is to be slow to accept change, preferring older, more traditional ideas to newer ones.
  • conservative とは、新しい考え方よりも古い伝統的な考え方を好み、なかなか変化を受け入れない、つまり、保守的な、という意味です。



  1. I used to work for a very conservative company, so it's a nice change to work for a company that encourages innovation.
  2. (to a female employee about to leave on a business trip)
    The country is rather conservative, so wear a long skirt or slacks and long sleeves, and be careful what you say.
  3. He's gotten into a lot of hot water with people at the office over his conservative views.
  4. The company's conservative approach to growth has served it well over the years. Even during economic downturns, it has never found itself overextended financially.

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